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Chet Zar's Dark Art Society Podcast - EP 186 (2021)

Creative Mapping (2014)

The Wild Magazine (April 8th, 2014)

Lighthouse Magazine (March 15th)

Dark Roasted Blend (2007)

The Warholian (April 11th)

Buzzworthy (June 2015)

Excommunicate (March 15, 2007)

Gromyko Semper (February 9th, 2010)

Boonika (February 24th, 2011)

Disinformation (April 8th 2015)

Coilhouse (January 2010)

Chryssula (May 15, 2014)



kuksi/Wild WTF Issue #9

Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture #18, June

Artension #122, November

American Craft Volume 73, October

Dead Timez Issue 16, October

Now Then Issue 67, October

Sculpture Volume 32, #8, October

Hays Daily News, August

Mortal Instruments City of Bones

G: Black and White Volume 66, September

Eloquence, May

Ozon, Spring/Summer

Fantasy Art Volume 71, January

Blab World #2

Dark Stories By Dark Artists

Kansas! Volume 68 Issue 4

Laminate Most Wanted Volume 2

Lowbrow Tarot

AFART #33, November

Architecture and Art Volume 31, November

Bl!ss, November

Professional Artist, October

RagMag Issue 17, October

Magazine for Living #22, April

Beethoven in America

Geez Issue #23

Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture

Hi Fructose Volume 19

Hi Fructose Volume 18

Steampunk Bible


Fast Company Issue 148, September

Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture Volume 1, March

Beaux Arts #309, March

Girls and Corpses Volume 4, Spring

Arte Globa Allimite

Be Street #7

Blab World #1

Touch Issue 761, December

Dark Discoveries Issue 15, Fall

Tattoo Extreme, January

Hi Fructose Volume 13

Imagine the Imagination

Inside Artzine #13

Reconstructed Device Volume 2

Juxtapoz #94, November

“The Everywhere Collector”Juxtapoz #93, October

Philosophie #22, September

Rue Morgue Issue 77, April

“Kris Kuksi”Juxtapoz Blog, March

Inside Artzine #12

“Basel Tov” Miami Sun, December

“Art of the Grotesque” Dark Roasted Blend, October

“Featured Artist” Eternal Vigilance, July

“beinArt Interview” beinArt, May

“What You Don’t Know About Kris Kuksi” Don’t Panic

Artzine #12

Hi-Fructose volume 5

“Direct Art” volume 11, Spring/Summer

“Direct Art” volume 8, Spring/Summer

“Direct Art” volume 7, Fall/Winter

“Direct Art” volume 5, Fall


Seth Hawkins,

   Artillery Magazine

While psychologically menacing,

these artworks embrace the wonder

of destruction and the potential carnage contained within the human condition — all the while somehow making it look sexy as hell. 




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